Our mission at Sonoma Pacific Distribution is to represent the freshest cannabis products, brands and cultivators, and to treat people right while doing it. We prioritize small and medium sized cultivators, specifically from the Emerald Triangle. In doing so, we’ve created a reliable platform for some of the most boutique cannabis products, ensuring the survival of the honest farmer and grass roots cannabis cultivation in this new aggressive market.

We don’t thank the customer before first thanking the farmer.

As the industry evolves and the margins slim, it is more important now than ever to remember where it all began. From jail sentences to devastating losses, we ride on the backs of our family’s dedication to the craft. At Sonoma Pacific we feel it is our responsibility to help the cannabis industry heal from over 70 years of misconceptions and stigma by carrying forth a mutual respect and acknowledgment to our peers and those who may still not agree with our message.



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