Sonoma County is the gateway to the Emerald Triangle. It is the mission of Sonoma Pacific Distribution to provide services to like- minded brands, producers and farmers who share our vision of a cannabis industry dedicated to the health of our environment, economy and community. By partnering with businesses that prioritize artfully branded, sustainably grown products, thoughtfully crafted by a work force paid a living wage, we can shape the future of our industry and enrich the lives of those we serve.


  • New account acquisition: Our ever-growing roster of storefronts and delivery services love our prompt, organized, professional interface. Sonoma Pacific’s collection of complimenting brands gives customers a one-stop shop of products, filling all of their purchasing needs.
  • Account maintenance: Each week we touch base with retailers, ensuring their needs are met. In turn communicating with brands to optimize supply chain, making sure orders can be fulfilled and overhead is not wasted on too much inventory warehousing. We are willing to maintain existing accounts and work with clients’ in-house salespeople to create the ideal sale-force for the brand.
  • Delivery and payment: We handle all delivery and payment on a net 15 schedule. Orders are taken, delivered and payment collected according to each retailer’s policy (i.e. COD, net 15, net 30 or consignment). Clients are generally paid on the 1st and 15th of each month. However, other arrangements can be made based on client needs.
  • Goals and Projections: Sonoma Pacific works with each producer and brand to create a growth curve that aligns with the goals of the client, prioritizing quality standards, financial solvency and sustainability in the market. We can provide projection documentation and support for investor pitches, compliance and board meetings.
  • New product R&D and market data: We provide information for our brands regarding holes in the market, pricing, product feedback, etc. By producing a detailed overview of each retailer visited, brands receive real time data for this swiftly evolving market.
  • Optimizing shelf placement: We work with our retailers to ensure our brands find the most prominent shelf placement amongst complimentary products.
  • Demo, promotion and tradeshows: In each region we have knowledgeable, professional, like-minded sales people who schedule and carryout ‘demo days’. To limit cost to the brand, we rotate promotions between products/brands, but demo all Sonoma Pacific brands. Sonoma Pacific will schedule and staff tradeshows throughout the year. We will staff the booths, and brand representatives are welcome and encouraged.
  • Social media: All brands are featured on www.sonomapac.com, @sonomapac Instagram and Sonoma Pacific Twitter and Facebook. We also provide support and content, such as pictures of displays, real time drop updates, and events for each brand’s social media.
  • Sourcing and Co-packaging: Sonoma Pacific works with multiple wholesalers and farmers. We can source flowers, trim, smalls, concentrates, hardware, packaging and custom printing to support our brands. All of our producers are vetted to adhere to our strict operating standards.
  • Misc: We are happy to share the knowledge and contacts we have amassed over the years; lawyers, accountants, consultants, etc. In supporting our brands.


Sonoma Pacific can provide guidance for licensure, permitting, compliance, business structuring, marketing and branding, design, cultivation, brand position, messaging and values, and target markets.


Sonoma Pacific does not require or expect exclusivity, though we are happy to handle all of your distribution needs. We are flexible, thoughtful and organized in creating a go to market strategy that supports the goals of the each individual brand, producer and farmer. We can also service existing accounts at a lower rate to be individually negotiated.I look forward to talking in more detail about your needs and how we can create a fluid working model that supports our vision of sustainability, profitability and progress.