Weed The People, a film featuring Mara Gordon of Aunt Zelda’s

The highly anticipated Cannabis Doc of the Year has just released on Netflix! Click the link below to watch Weed The People, a brand new Cannabis Documentary by Rikki Lake and Abby Epstein, featuring Mara Gordon of Aunt Zelda’s.

“In the film, families who have seriously ill children suffering from various cancers are assisted by cannabis pioneer, Ms. Gordon as she demonstrates how to treat their children with medical cannabis using Aunt Zelda’sTM oil. The film is a gripping and moving story outlining the journey of several families through uncharted waters as they take their children’s survival into their own hands, often amid skepticism, and with miraculous results.” – Newswire.co

A Healing Revolution is Growing

Medical marijuana has the potential to save lives, but existing legislation prohibits millions of Americans from experiencing the life changing benefits of cannabis as a cancer treatment. From filmmakers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, this look beyond politics and propaganda will challenge everything you might have known about cannabis and reveals the brave stories of ordinary families who are exploring the benefits of medical marijuana to save the lives of their most precious loved ones – their children.

Cannabis has been off-limits to doctors and researchers in the US for the past 80 years, but recently scientists have discovered its anti-cancer properties. Armed with only these laboratory studies, desperate parents obtain cannabis oil from underground sources to save their children from childhood cancers. “Weed the People” follows these families through uncharted waters as they take their children’s survival into their own hands. Some of their miraculous outcomes beget the unsettling question at the heart of the film: If weed is truly saving lives, why doesn’t the government want people to access it?

Stream today on Netflix, download on digital, or own the DVD!

We’re getting Rave Reviews

“Moving… An urgent cry for help.” – Los Angeles Times

“A heartstring-pulling advocacy doc.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Inspirational. There will be tears of joy with the film’s multiple success stories.” – Film Journal International

“A smart and vitally important documentary look at medical marijuana.” – Flick Filosopher

“‘Weed The People’ will challenge everything you thought you knew about medical marijuana.” – Bustle

“Ricki Lake’s ‘Weed The People’ proves once and for all that marijuana can save lives.” – Romper

“The whole point of our title is to help destigmatize the plant” – Forbes




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