RETURN POLICY (California)

As a Cannabis distributor, it is our responsibility to provide Retailers with 2018+ Regulation Compliant products. If for any reason your product does not meet these Regulations, it is our responsibility to remedy the situation, although we cannot directly finalize returns with the end customer.

If a product has been confirmed defective, by a number of different criteria, your return will have to take place at the Retailer it was purchased from. For transparency, your product will then be returned to us, the Distributor, and submitted as defective to the Bureau of Cannabis Control. California’s Cannabis Return Policies have been laid out by the B.C.C. and so legally we cannot and will not operate in any other way.

Although we cannot directly resolve returns from our consumers, we can assist you in coordinating a return with the Retailer your product was purchased from. In addition, we do appreciate the feedback on the products we carry and welcome any and all comments, which can be submitted through our website contact form, or directly at

We understand this may not be the quickest process to receive either your money back, a product credit, or any other form of compensation. As the industry continues to grow in a non-federal way, we will appreciate your understanding and awareness of the obstacles we face. Please refer to a list of Cannabis Regulation Resources below.




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