Using a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and expert craftsmanship, Highrize pre-rolls are made using only whole-flower cannabis, hand selected from our network of the highest quality California farms.

First, flower is individually selected by sight, feel and smell. More art than science, we know what a good bud looks like. If we won’t smoke it we don’t pick it. This allows us not only to be selective in quality, but also keeps us current with trends in strains. If there’s something you’d like to see us roll, let us know!

All leaves are trimmed from the buds which are then tumbled, ground, and introduced into our innovative Triple Sifting Process. This step removes all stems, leaving only 100% pure premium grade flower. We pride ourselves in our high residual loss ratio, meaning we don’t grind up unwanted material as pre-roll filler. Our process takes extra steps but ensures each pre-roll will burn evenly with maximum flavor from start to finish.

After the whole flower is trimmed, ground, and sifted, our leading-edge machine fills pre-rolls uniformly to meet our low-variance standard in size and weight consistency. Pre-rolls are then hand-capped (never twisted!) to promote an effortless light and perfect smokability. Each pre-roll is hand inspected and packaged in our custom made tins or doob tubes.

Pre-rolls are then lab tested for safety and sold in packaging in compliance with California state regulation



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