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The way we source our product sets us apart from most distributors. We work closely with cultivators who we’ve created strong ties with over the years, through a mutual respect and unified gain. More importantly, we find the products our customers are expecting. Quality, Responsibly grown Cannabis primarily from the Emerald Triangle region.

Ocean Plastic Map by Sonoma Pacific Distribution
  • Hidden Prairie
  • Bon Vivant
  • Old Stage Partners
  • Redwood Roots
  • Humboldt’s Finest
  • Aloha Humboldt
  • SpyRock Farm
  • Mountain Meadow
  • The Hive
  • Mendocino Legacy

Help More, Harm Less

Packaging Pledge

We’re making a noticeable effort to utilize more economically conscious resources, by paying more for packaging that helps the environment rather than hurts.